Of Poisons and Powders at the Clocktower.

An ask blog for two OC's for the game series Alice in the Country of -Place-. (HnKn-X-)
The characters are twins, who live in a self-proclaimed neutral territory near the center of whatever country they're currently in.
Sometimes the king of Spades, Tridekas, Visits.
And then there's the Black Knight who thinks he's a Red one. Just don't anger him too much.
They run a shop called Poisons&Powders, which is a joint poison lab and apothecary.
An Eevee named Silverheart lives there too.
NOTE: I will RP with anyone from any fandom. If you want to start something, just drop me a note. I don't bite!.

-The mun was/is lazy, so her personal blog is a sub-blog to this one. So, if you have no idea why a role-playing blog is following your non-rping blog, it's probably because the Mun finds it interesting to her personal tastes. If you want to find the mun, please drop her things on her personal, buraidragon.tumblr.com

M!A Status--
Mikiri: None
Mokoro: None
Tridekas: None
Rakhsham: None

The tag I follow is MikiriMokoro.


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