Of Poisons and Powders at the Clocktower.

An ask blog for two OC's for the game series Alice in the Country of -Place-. (-X-nKnA)The characters are twins, who live in a self-proclaimed neutral territory near the center of whatever country they're currently in.Sometimes the king of Spades, Tridekas, Visits. And then there's the Black Knight who thinks he's a Red one. Just don't anger him too much.They run a shop called Poisons&Powders, which is a joint poison lab and apothecary.An Eevee named Silverheart lives there too.NOTE: I will RP with anyone from any fandom. If you want to start something, just drop me a note. I don't bite!.IMPORTANT!-The mun was/is lazy, so her personal blog is a sub-blog to this one. So, if you have no idea why a role-playing blog is following your non-rping blog, it's probably because the Mun finds it interesting to her personal tastes. If you want to find the mun, please drop her things on her personal, buraidragon.tumblr.comM!A Status-- Mikiri: NoneMokoro: NoneTridekas: NoneRakhsham: NoneThe tag I follow is MikiriMokoro.


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